The de-carb pizza

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What is a Proteinza

the Shredded chicken pizza crust.

Everyone is doing the low carb thing....sculpting for summer, right? 

But whilst you are waiting for your next carb fix

Hunger strikes...

You are craving some fresh out of the oven melted cheese and doughy pizza goodness...

The only problem is that it doesn't fit into your diet.

So what do you do?

Do you forget about creating that summer body and just hide yourself in a sweater all summer?

Or suffer the nagging thoughts of melted cheese all day?

Well we have a solution that satisfies your macros and your cravings - The Proteinza


Combining our knowledge of great pizza and healthy nutrition we bring you the pizza experience without the empty carbohydrates. Our patent pending recipe combines natural shredded chicken breast with our secret blend of seasoning to create a delicious and nutritious pizza base.

Proteinza base


Calories: 344

Protein: 54 g

Carbohydrates : 13 g

Sugar 0g

Fat: 7 g



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