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Proteinza crust


Calories: 344

Protein: 54 g

Carbohydrates : 13 g

Sugar 0g

Fat: 7 g

The Science:

Both chicken and brown rice are "clean foods" and we make them into an enjoyable format - Proteinza pizza.

Chicken is a good protein source with low fat and cholesterol content and almost no carbohydrates.

Brown rice is gluten free (for those with Coeliac's), contains more fibre than white rice and has far more vitamins and minerals. It is also found to have a lower glycemic index than white rice.

Proteinza contains around five times more protein of a regular pizza of the same size and five times less carbohydrates.

Protein in a meal reduces glyemic index of the meal as a whole. High protein meals also have a higher satiety (keep you full longer) than meals rich in carbohydrates. Protein is a building block for muscle.

We have run informal tests with diabetic patients and found that their blood sugars did not see any significant rise (in fact most were steady or fell). We even tested on some type 1 diabetics who had not taken their insulin and found that their blood sugar remained stable after eating Proteinza (please note that this is anecdotal evidence, we have not conducted any randomised control trail or study). Please take your insulin as your healthcare professional advises you, we do not want you to go into DKA or HHS.

This means with Proteinza you wont get the same highs (and associated lows) in your blood sugar as you would with other pizza. High blood sugars stimulate increased insulin release from the pancreas which stimulates fat production. High blood sugars causes many health problems including heart disease, cancer, eye, kidney, and nerve damage. Having stable blood sugar levels within the range of 70-130mg/dL (which is aided by lower glycemix index foods) is better for health, reduces cravings and helps prevent disease.

Low calories allow you to maintain your energy intake at or below your daily metabolic rate and therefore help prevent weight gain and facilitate weight loss.

Why do we exist?

Over 100 million Americans are pre-diabetic or diabetic, This is more than one third of the entire US population. Nine out of ten people with pre-diabetes don't even know they have it.

People who have diabetes are at higher risk of serious health complications with a 50% increased risk of death compared to those without diabetes. Even our children are at risk with one in five adolescents being clinically obese (not just overweight).

Risk factors for diabetes include being overweight and physically inactive. Pizza is considered the worlds' most popular meal with about 1 in 8 Americans consuming it on any given day. Pizza is classified as a high calorie food, rich in fat and refined carbohydrates which have all been proven to contribute to obesity. The amount of energy contained in a single slice of cheese pizza (1/8th of a medium, all crust types) ranges from approximately 220-370 kcal. You can do the math on the calories for the entire pizza. 

If you are Pre-diabetic you can halve your risk of becoming diabetic with healthy eating and being more active.

By now you are wondering what this has got to do with Proteinza.

We believe in creating solutions to obesity and diabetes whilst creating delicious food, Proteinza is our solution to making pizza healthy.   

For more information please visit the CDC website:

What is Proteinza?

Proteinza is a pizza crust made from chicken and brown rice.

We've all had that empty feeling in our stomach that nothing can satisfy except our one true love - Pizza. 

You might even be experiencing that cheesy monster right now. But if you're like us you probably also have the conflicting guilt about stuffing your face with all those empty carbohydrates. They'll probably end up on your waistline as millions of multiplying fat cells

Wouldn't it be great if you could have pizza without all those empty carbohydrates?

Announcing Proteinza - The Low Carb, High Protein Pizza.

Proteinza is made with delicious natural shredded chicken breast (no bread, sorry vegetarians!) to create a scrumptious thin crust that has a tiny 344 kcal for the entire 10" pizza crust, 13 g of carbs and a huge 54 g of protein! 

Order today and experience the golden bubbling melted cheese, fresh hand sliced toppings tickling your taste-buds and the satisfying crunch of our thin crust.

We are so sure you will love it that if you don't agree after your first few bites, you can return your Proteinza for a full refund.

Proteinza: Pizza without the guilt.

Order now, whilst stocks last.

Wow! If you need gluten free and/or low carb, the Proteinza is for you. It’s sturdy enough to support the toppings when you hold a slice in your hand and it’s delightfully crispy. Can’t wait to return!
— Victoria S.
The dough is made of chicken. The best pizza ever!
— Brian P.
I am on a low carb way of eating and the Proteinza is excellent!! I have not had pizza in almost a year and what a treat!
— Trudy C.
The Proteinza is awesome!! The Floridian feast is my favorite!!
— Terri O.
In my opinion, everyone should be health conscious. This pizza is not only good for you but also taste fantastic.
— Wesley C.
I think this low carb/high protein pizza is a great idea. It provides athletes with a healthier option without sacrificing taste. I had a couple slices after my workout and felt great. I didn’t feel sluggish and felt replenished.
— Joshua C.

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