The initial concept of Proteinza started when I was trying to limit my own carbohydrate intake, but still eat one of my favourite foods - pizza. At least twice a week I was building a "pizza" on top of a piece of chicken breast, that I would flatten with a tenderiser or rolling pin and then just put on my regular toppings. 


It just so happened that my sister (Monali) had this fantastic Italian restaurant in Florida and happened to know a thing or two about making incredible pizza. So I asked her if she could do anything better with the crust, rather than my make-shift squashed chicken. Over one year passed with us going back and forth, trying lots of different recipes to keep the crust healthy, delicious and crispy. Finally, after all that work we reached a recipe and a technique to create the ideal crust for building the "Proteinza". 


In May 2017 we launched the Proteinza via Vinny's Italian Restaurant. Although it might be a little crazy to go against the giant fast food chains, with our small healthy pizza start-up, we believe that taste doesn't have to be forfeited to have healthy and delicious food.




CEO, Co-Founder
Physician (NHS London)



COO, Co-Founder
Owner Vinny's Italian Restaurant
Jacksonville Florida